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Website content can vary widely. It includes such things as text, graphics, photographs, maps, videos, audio/music files, links, photo albums, contact forms, search boxes and even blogs.


It’s your voice on the world wide web. You decide what you want to say to existing and potential customers. This means you have to provide us with the content. We hammer together your website, but you have to create the content for us. Your words, your logo, your photographs and your ideas of what your contact form might look like. These are marketing elements, not design elements. But Vancouver Creative Design can assist you with this.


vancouver web design

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If this is difficult for you, we can help. Our staff are also experienced in content creation, including taking photographs, writing text, producing videos and selecting music. However, this is content creation, not website design. And these services would incur costs over and above the standard website design costs.


Content creation comes from your familiarity and connection with the operation of your business. It’s your words about your business. And it’s accompanied by your images of your business. Your logo is your identity. While your products or services are what draws people to your website.


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Purely textual websites do not hold the viewers’ attention. Today, more than ever, people want to see images. It’s not enough to describe your product or service, you have to engage the viewer with images. What do your premises look like. What does your product look like? How big is your product? You get the picture (no pun intended).


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. On the web it truly does speak a thousand words. So what does a video speak? Clearly a video would speak thousands of words. Vancouver Creative Design has a sister company, Lumiere Media Creations. So we are experienced at producing affordable corporate video. You can benefit from discounts given if you hire us to do both your website and your corporate video.


A video doesn’t have to be long. It’s known the viewer won’t likely watch a video beyond about the 90 second mark. Even a one minute video would really enhance your website. It’s been shown a website with a corporate video has a higher viewing rate plus a higher return rate to your website.